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Vertumnus: the Roman god of the changing seasons. He transformed himself again and again to woo the hand of Pomona, the goddess of gardening. They bring balance to the garden, wild and manicured, male and female, changing and familiar.

This myth inspires us in our every day work of creating well-balanced and beautiful landscapes. Our goal is to economically design, build and maintain gardens that respect the plants that grow them and the land that supports them.

Bruce, a West Coast native, has been professionally involved in horticulture for over fifteen years. He studied at the Edmonds Community College Ornamental Horticulture Program and has a background in the Classics.

"I believe a memorable design starts with you. My designs are based on the individuality of each client and the unique quality of every site and every home. My goal is to produce a realistic outline for a cohesive and beautiful setting for your home and the rhythms of your life."

Vertumni’s design services range from a consultation, to a sketch, to a comprehensive plan to guide all aspects of an installation.

Although I design in a wide variety of styles, from Cottage to Japanese, our specialty is Mediterranean and West Coast Native. Whatever the style, the plant selection is tailored to be harmonious yet lively and unusual. I always design with an eye towards immediate enjoyment as well as the long-term health and beauty of your garden.


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